Hello Jarvis,I'm very excited today I start a new life due to your Ibogaine you send to me last time,I'm clean now and is grace to you.you're a great person Jarvis and I promise to be your brother and your best reference cause you're such a God send in my life. Thanks Bryant Smith. USA

Hey Jarvis treatment is going well I just popped out of the other side my detox symptoms have all but gone now and and want to thank you very much for being caring and concerned and you are a great friend to me and I'll never forget how you helped me get past this hard part of my life so as soon as I can get feeling a little bit better I will call you and then I'm going to start two talk to some people around here and see if they possibly could be interested in doing the same thing and we will go from there.Thanks very much.

Josh Scott

have you received my last email? your Iboga is very good  I took Iboga again
I ask to the Iboga spirit if he had a message for you,he said that you are doing a work that is important for all humanity and that you must continue to do what you are doing.He said also that you are a good person.
Thanks if you prepare for me when I'll come to Africa!but I really don't know when I'll be able to do this trip
I would like to order some more soon, Is possible of same quality or batch?

Paulo crovatini. Slovenia

hello yes i'm going forward! I'm doing treatments when the time is right,it's an incredible medicine really, you are lucky that you can grow these plants!do you have a question for the spirit? maybe he can answer you?cause I see your products is the best I think you're the right person. Thanks for this incredible work of mankind you have done in my life,I have regain my life back.

Sabina ,Ukraine