About shipping

We do the following shipping method, DHL,EMS,Campost mail service

With Dhl your package takes 2 to 3days to reach any location and it cost €110.Ems takes 8 to 9days to reach any location and it cost €85 while regular campost cost €35 and it takes 16 to 18 days to reach any location.
Note that we takes good care of our shipping, we always ensure package reaches it location without any problem.

Each service provide a tracking number for it clients, which means the parcel is traceable . It also enables customers to track their parcels online to know their package is on transit.Also note that packages not collected within some numbers of days say 10 working days shall be return unopened, so customers are always advice to wait and sign their packages.

If a shipment is returned for any reason beyond our control, and the customer wants it to be reshipped, shipping costs will be charged.

We do not restock returned products, thus we cannot fully refund returned orders. Refunds are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We do not refund shipping costs. For refunds an administration fee will be charged