About Us

We are researchers in plant and botany, iboga can be use to overcome addiction in life, and we are here to tell you more about it and even better sell it.Iboga is a God send plant to mankind to help addicts overcomes their addict lifes, we have been doing iboga for over 11years since it was something that we the bwitti in central Africa use for spiritual cleansing and perform ceremonies, so I found out we could do iboga in a more professional way by helping the world overcome their addicts life, so I'm very happy to be in this and I have been helping so many people with this and I pray I keep doing this. We are suppliers of quality iboga rootbarks from old iboga shrubs of age 6 to 15years of age. We supply in bulk and smaller quantity, and also our prices are good too since when buying bulk as from 1kg there is a discount. We also give out bonuses to clients who can purchase as from 2 kilogram and above. That is 2kg we give a bonus of 20grams. This Iboga Rootbarks are of three types it depends on the nature the client will love to have it That is; -Powdered Iboga rootbarks, -Shredded Iboga rootbarks and -The natural rootbarks. All these forms are well extracted with little or no inner wood in them. The Iboga rootbarks have been welled sunned or dried and packaged in transparent air tight plastic barks and made ready for shipment.